Canadian Dollar Looking Undervalued vs USD, Markets Chop as Volumes Dwindle

CAD Analysis and NewsDirectionless trade amid low volumes and lack of narrativesCAD Looking Undervalued vs USDVolatility Drifts Lower Ahead of Festive PeriodAs volumes continue to dwindle and vol heading lower ahead of the festive break, this is one of those weeks where you should not read too much into market moves. Therefore, perhaps take this time to reflect on your performance over the past year and look to identify any patterns. For example, are you more successful during a particular time in the trading session or trading a certain asset. These lookback periods in your performance are easier to analyse using a trading journal and below is a template of a trading journal.Trading Journal: What it is and How to Create OneTRADING JOURNAL TEMPLATESource: DailyFXBetter yet, you could also use this downtime to check out our education content to help improve your skills as a trader. But first, if you are new to trading, it might be beneficial to take part in the DNA FX Quiz to help you identify what kind of trader you are. The DNA FX QuizMarket Overview: CAD Looking Undervalued vs USDAs I mentioned above, volumes are drifting lower, which in turn, despite yesterday’s turnaround Tuesday, markets are somewhat directionless today and is likely to remain the case throughout the week with little in the way of narratives to trade. Be mindful, however, of risks tied to Russian/Ukraine tensions. Looking at the FX space and cross-JPY has turned a corner as bond yields pick up while equities stabilise. Elsewhere, a currency that appears to be lagging is the Canadian Dollar, which I highlighted yesterday, during the bounce back in both equities and oil prices. As such, given the upside in oil prices, alongside US/CA 5yr bond spreads moving in favour of the CAD. The Loonie looks undervalued against the greenback. USD/CAD Inverted vs Brent Crude OilSource: RefinitivUSD/CAD Inverted vs US/CA 5yr spreadsSource: Refinitiv
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