Herschel Walker’s son protests rising gas prices while sporting a $1,300 hoodie


If gasoline prices are hitting you hard, Christian Walker, son of retired NFL, and USFL, great and Georgia Republican Senate candidate Herschel Walker, wants you to know he’s feeling the pain at the pump as well. Even if he’s voicing his opinions while sporting pricey designer duds. Christian took to Instagram and Twitter
to share his thoughts about paying $98.37 for roughly 21 gallons of gas. “OKAY THIS ISNT (sic) FUNNY ANYMORE. $98???” he wrote on Instagram. In the same post, he also criticized President Joe Biden, saying, “While Joe takes his afternoon naps and vacations at his beach house, GAS PRICES AND INFLATION ARE SOARING.”

Christian also posted a video on Twitter that shows him at the pump. In it, he mocked Biden’s pledge to unify the nation after his victory in the 2020 presidential election. “This is divisive to my bank account and my hard-earned money,” he said.

But on social media, some were quick to note that the issue couldn’t be affecting Christian all that much, given that he was wearing a Givenchy hoodie that costs nearly $1,300. And the discussion led both Herschel and Christian Walker’s names and that of Givenchy to trend on Twitter on Monday. The video was also high on Reddit’s homepage earlier that morning. One commentator on Twitter summarized it thusly: “I’m not sure which is more ridiculous…Christian Walker whining about gas prices while wearing a $1200 Givenchy hoodie, or anyone spending $1200 on a hoodie because it says Givenchy on it.” Others had similar reactions:

Christian has already responded to some of the criticism. In one tweet, he noted that he’s worked for a living. In another, he said: “Democrats care more about my sweatshirts than the fact that they voted for a nutjob president who’s hurting the working class.”

Regardless of all the back and forth, the one fact that’s undeniable is that the cost of gas has indeed surged of late. U.S. monthly government data show that prices increased from an average of $1.93 per gallon in April 2020 — when demand plummeted in the early weeks of the coronavirus pandemic to the extent that crude oil was trading at less than $0 — to $3.49 per gallon last month. Prices more recently have receded, with the national average retail price now $3.30 and average prices at or below $3 in a quarter of all states, according to AAA.

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